WOZA Matrics 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown in South Africa, the matric class of 2020 has faced significant disruption to their schooling and learning schedules since March 2020. School closures between March and June 2020 have resulted in South Africa’s estimated 13 million learners, including its estimated 1.2 million matriculants have fallen behind on curriculum learning, and risk learning loss.

With the 2020 matric curriculum remaining in place and the final matric exams taking place in November 2020, our matrics are under pressure to catch up on lost curriculum and prepare for their prelims and November 2020 exams accordingly.


WOZA Matrics 2020 Catch Up

WOZA Matrics 2020 Catch Up is a dedicated Broadcast Learning Programme formed by the Department of Basic Education (DEB) in partnership with the Nation Education Collaboration Trust (NECT), PILO, the SABC, DStv and eTV.

WOZA Matrics provides crucial academic and pyshco-social support to our matrics across a broad range of platforms that learners can use to access study and exam preparation materials and supportive information on topics such as good nutrition and study techniques – all based on high quality curriculum content from a wide range of qualified service providers. These platforms include television, radio, websites and social media. The campaign also provides support and key information for parents, care givers, teachers and tutors.

Learning material will be delivered across all channels from 08h00-10h00 and 13h00 to 15h00 every day from 1 September 2020 to 8 December 2020.



WOZA Matrics offers revision in

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