Welcome to WOZA Matrics 2020 Catch Up

Exams are never fun. Especially not matric exams and for the class of 2020 this year has been REALLY tough. Your schooling has been disrupted and many of you are struggling with stress and hardships at home. WOZA Matrics is here to help you.

WOZA Matrics is a programme designed to help matrics catch up on their studies and to assist Matrics nationwide with learning materials and study tools via classes broadcast on TV channels, online platforms and radio.


Where to WATCH

Starting 1 September, 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, SABC 3, Openview Channel 122 and
DStv Catch Up will broadcast matric catch-up lessons in six key subjects to help you revise. Don’t miss live lessons where teachers answer your most urgent questions. Our exam tips will help keep you calm and focused when you walk into that exam.

Daily LIVE Schedule

Monthly Schedule

WOZA Matrics offers revision in

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